112 - einseinszwo.

First aid kit for first responders

free project

112 is designed to especially support inexperienced helpers in medical emergency situations. Its assembly is based on the single steps assistants have to perform during an emergency. Because of its compact dimensions the set is easy to store in the vehicle. Its shape as well as its textile surface and color make it easy to adapt the device to common car interiors without having the need to hide it.

Opening stages

The main features of 112 are the three opening stages. In case of an emergency the user pulls the end of the belt marked with a red cross. The primary question is whether the patient is still breathing. The answers are shown on different colored belts. By pulling the respective belt, the user is directly presented with the necessary equipment for proper assistance.

Reanimation device

The main part of the reanimation device is a bolster to hyperextend the head of the injured. This is crucial for a successful ventilation. This bolster provides space for both respiratory mask and cardiac massage unit. The device comes with a button that gives acoustical and tactile feedback to find the correct frequency and intensity of pressure.