Concept for Weinmann Geräte für Medizin GmbH + Co. KG, Hamburg

Jan Hufnagel

Patients who are dependent on ventilators are constantly accompanied by them. Therefore, the focus of this concept was to improve the modularity and mobile usability of the product. The device is designed to be integrated into clinical as well as domestic surroundings.
The oxygen module and the external remote control unit can be attached to the standard hospital rails and at the front of the device.

Minimum dimensions

The recessed areas of the housing enable a quick and easy accommodation of cables and the breathing tube. The control unit and the oxygen module fix the tube. This results in reduced volume when the device is in idle mode or stored. Since humidification in mobile use is not necessary the battery and the humidifier are connected to the same slot.
A splash-proof bag increases the mobility of the user. Any additional components can be stored and transported in its lid.