Silv-Air Eco

Respirators according to EN 149

Originated in employment at UVEX Arbeitsschutz GmbH

Objective of this new development was to create a product for the area of disposable respiratory protection that makes a contributions to topics sustainability and economy. Depending on the field of application disposable masks are generally worn only for a few hours before they are disposed of.
The uvex Silv-Air Eco is designed as a respirator system and consists of a two-component framework, a headband with a quick release and the mask.
This modular concept makes it possible to avoid the conventional metal nose clip and the welded headband. Thus the reduction of waste provides an economic advantage over conventional disposable respiratory products.

Sustainability & Ergonomics

Another challenge for the design of the respiratory mask was the requirement to combine it with uvex goggles or spectacles reliably and without any restrictions.
The two-component framework provides a high level of flexibility and adaptability especially in the nose and chin areas. At the same time a peripheral sealing lip ensures a proper seat and prevents fogging of the spectacles while exhaling.