u-cap sport

Bump cap according to DIN 812

Originated in employment at UVEX Arbeitsschutz GmbH

The u-cap sport is the first bump cap that passes the shock-absorbing and penetration test according to DIN 812 without the need of any additional tissue or foam inserts due to the design of the plastic hard shell. This reduces weight and achieves a more pleasant climate under the cap.
The bump cap is available in three different sizes providing a high wearing comfort for all head sizes.



Caused by the special design of the ribs, the measurement results for the deduction of the striking force are outstanding.
In addition to the protective effect the ribs offer an ideal air circulation, which has a positive effect especially during long usage.
The lateral recesses of the u-cap sport provide both, flexibility and adaptation to the different head sizes.
Caused by the curved geometry at the sides, the u-cap sport is compatible to earmuffs.