Model making

We make volume and proportion models, design and presentation models, ergonomic models, functional models and prototypes.


By converting an idea into a tangible object a design concept can be properly evaluated and the best solutions can be verified. Geometry and surface, ergonomics and function can be assessed and accelerate the product development considerably.

Volume models and proportion Models

The earlier three-dimensional models are made during the design process the more efficient and cost-effective the product creation process will become.
In the field of model making, we rely on different techniques. Depending on the requirements and materials we use the entire range - from conventional manual production, via CNC machining, to generative manufacturing processes.

Ergonomic models

The adequate ergonomic fit for worn or hand-held products in particular can often only be checked with a tangible model. Ergonomics models support the design development; in wearing tests and ergonomic studies a proper fitting and handling are monitored and evaluated.

Design models and presentation models

In order to achieve sophisticated and complex design models and exhibition models, we often use generative production methods. With this method the computer generated and reprocessed 3D-data is directly “printed” by the system.

Function models and prototypes

When we create large and technically challenging models and prototypes we use our versatile network. Together with our external partners, we are happy to support you in the implementation of small batches or a prototype.