Product design

Good Design is not a coincidence but the result of thorough observation, systematic analysis, creative lateral thinking and especially the drive for optimization and innovation.

From analysis and research, over creating sustainable concepts to final product design and the following realisation - our working knowledge and experience enable us to support and accompany you professionally on every step of your way to your product. This applies to the initial idea to the final industrial or individual manufacturing.

Our systematic design process is divided in different steps from which you can select the areas that are relevant for your objectives or you can entrust the whole design process to us.

The goal of our work is always to achieve - in close coordination with you - the optimum result that fits your needs perfectly.

Analysis and Research

At the beginning of every design process there is an analysis and research phase. We examine your project with regard to the market situation and target group, product semantics and usability as well as constructive and production orientated solutions.

In this way difficulties and risks can be identified in advance of product development. With these findings a smooth workflow can be achieved and unnecessary costs can be avoided.

Market and competition
We deal with the competition thoroughly and go on interdisciplinary excursions to other fields of study. That way we can make out trends and generate innovations.

Surrounding and utilisation
We consider the whole setting of your product – from production to final disposal. We scrutinize the interaction of the user to your product, its environment and their connected systems.
This holistic approach creates an added value and integrates your product into its surrounding ideally.

Brand and portfolio
We screen your product portfolio in regard to a consistent and meaningful application of your style and design guidelines. On their basis we are able to develop harmonious products with you.
Should you don’t have a Corporate Design yet, we develop this for you based on your existing portfolio. The results are recorded in corresponding Guidelines.

Ergonomics and handling
No matter whether interface or hardware product - we examine your products in terms of ergonomics and usability. We can carry out minor ergonomics studies, for more extensive studies we include external partners.

Material and manufacturing
The handling and application of appropriate materials and manufacturing technologies is an essential part of our work. We consider it our duty to update our knowledge in this area constantly in order to advise you as our client in the best way possible. The technical craft- trained background of our team helps a great deal in achieving this.

Concept development

We consider different ideas, wishes and requirements and create therefrom innovative design concepts. The basis for this can be your specific briefing and accurate technical specifications, or solutions which we developed together in a workshop.

By that we can examine technical and formal approaches early and save time and costs as the project continues.

From the findings of the concept development phase we plan the strategy for the upcoming design process.

Design development

Depending on the requirements the design development can vary. Following your wishes we work out details to optimize your existing products or find completely new form languages and coordinate them with you and your marketing. Thereby we consider:

  • Your Product Portfolio / Marketing requirements
  • Rules of different production processes
  • Ergonomic/anthropometric requirements
  • Technical feasibility
  • Latest technologies
  • The environment of the respective product
  • Surface structures
  • Colouring and CI

At the end of the design development we provide you a rateable selection of photorealistic visualisations of your product for evaluation.

Medical Design & Safety Design

We have experience in the areas of Medical- and Safety Design. Safety products as well as medical products underlie special requirements and standard specifications. The basis of a successful design development is to be familiar with these regulations.

Medical Design
The certification process and the development effort for medical products is considerably more time consuming than in most other design areas. The usability and also the user experience does not only represent an added value for marketing - oftentimes it is a decisive factor for its certification. A proper handling of the right materials or the requirement for higher hygiene standards as well as the usual comparably small quantities must reflect upon the design development of the product.
The early involvement of product and interface design in the whole development process is very helpful in order to provide clear and innovative objectives and to check process-related aspects. Thus can advance the development essentially and put the product on the right track.
On top of that, in medical technology, it is no longer enough to bring an approved, highly specialized product to market. Growing competition demands the optimisation of software and hardware in terms of usability and design.

Safety Design
Industrial safety products find their application in the most different areas, they are used not only professionally but also privately a lot. Safety products are subject to strict standard requirements that must be met in order to guarantee protection and physical integrity of the users. In addition, especially when worn on the body, there are extremely high demands on ergonomics and comfort. For safety-relevant devices, the usability and reliability in use as well as the resistance to external influences are essential. Construction and geometry, material and production technology affect the protective effect and functionality and have to be selected and used accordingly. Very high price pressure allows often only little space for innovations, which nevertheless wants to be fully exploited. We know the specific conditions and requirements and how to take them into account in our design process.


We update your products.
This can range from small detail changes to a completely new design. We never lose sight of your existing portfolio or CI.

The abc (arm bow corrector) - a tool for guiding the violin bow - was developed in the '80s and since then made out of metal. The high cost of expensive production were reflected in the sales price.
The initial point for the redesign of the "abc" was a significant increase in the number of pieces, which enabled the production by injection moulding. Besides contemporary appearance, this resulted in significantly lower production costs.