We see it as our task to interconnect products with each other.

Networking Systems – System design

Caused by our increasingly cross-linked environment new products appear in our everyday lives.
Along with app-controlled systems such as Carsharing or smart home systems comes a new way of dealing with the products behind them. They are no longer exclusively evaluated by their functions or design, but how they interact with their environment.
Together with our clients we aim to develop solutions that acknowledge that fact and interconnect all aspects of their product world.

Strengthen your brand - Corporate Design

On this basis we develop design strategies with you to strengthen your brand identity that can be applied to your complete product portfolio.
In order to achieve this we define design features, ranging from visual aspects such as shape and colour to haptic elements such as textures and materials to graphical solutions. On request, we define these features in mandatory corporate design guidelines, which can be used as a basis for further product developments.
Thus, both new and existing products are adaptable to your product family. A consistent overall appearance - conceptually and formal-aesthetically - ensures a unique position among your competitors and enables a high recognition value, which contributes significantly to the success of a company.

Our understanding of System design takes all that into account, and goes even one step further. Facing the demands of increasing networking, digitization and technology-driven environments conventional design features are reaching their limits. The growing equality of technologies combined with new operating concepts means that conventional brands and product functionality become more and more "washed out". A product is no longer solely benchmarked by its function or design, but by its interaction with its surrounding system. Therefore, the compatibility of the products in the respective system have a decisive impact on the image of their brand. The handling quality and the user experience (UX) are having a big impact on the perception and thus the success of a product.

Everything from a single source

The effect and by that the success of a product is always dependent on the effect of the entire system. From our experience, the early and simultaneous consideration and design of all components that form a system exclusively generates benefits. Software and hardware can be harmonized optimally. This saves time and reduces costs. The "outside the box" point of view gives room for innovation. When all aspects of the product- and interface development is known from the get go, it is possible to develop "holistic" concepts. With this approach wrong decisions can be avoided that cannot be reversed at all or only with unreasonably high effort.