System D is an office for product and interface design located in Hamburg.

In cooperation with you we develop innovative solutions and appealing products, design up to date user interfaces and bring ideas to life that fit in their enviroment umcompromisingly and systematically by their casualness and simplicity.

We look forward to working with you.

Johann Henkel


Lars Horn


Till Kemlein



In everyday language a system is referred to as a plurality of elements that interact with each other so that they can be regarded as a dedicated unit. Therefore, a system always implies an added value, increased safety and inevitably an advantage over an isolated solution.

From the metric system and DIN standards, over operating systems of computers and smart phones, color and furniture systems to car sharing systems - systems shape our daily lives. Due to the progressing global networking, the number of ever more complex systems is steadily increasing. The requirement on each single product or solution, to integrate into its superordinated system, without losing its own identity grows constantly.

 We at System D have understood these demands and consider it our duty to face that challenge. We create holistic solutions that simplify the handling and operation of a product and at the same time conceal its complexity. It is our mission and passion to create products that blend into their field of application perfectly. As a result the ideal impact of a product and its underlying brand (identity) can be achieved.